Facebook’s IPO. Meh…

If you’re jumping on a couch somewhere due to Facebook’s initial public offering, you can stop reading right now — no offense taken.  But if you’re like me and the IPO just triggers a massive yawn, you might enjoy my op-ed in today’s Newsday.  And by “enjoy” I mean “pass around, share, tweet, pin, digg” and otherwise broadcast to your entire social network.

522 ‘friends’ can’t be wrong

Published: May 17, 2012 6:38 PM

So the world’s largest social network is finally going public today (sounds pretty redundant). For months, the pending initial public offering of Facebook has had investors giddy with excitement — but I get the sense that no one else cares.

Frankly, my friends and I are so over Facebook. By “friends” I mean 522 people I’ve mostly never met, and by “so over Facebook” I mean totally addicted. The hours are marked by compulsive status updates, which revolve around the frenetic creation of cute photo ops accompanied by clever captions. We post these relentlessly on our news feeds and then, vastly pleased with ourselves, wait hopefully for comments. Mere “Likes,” which equate to disengaged nods, are usually a disappointment, but they’ll do in a pinch.

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