My New York Times Fashion & Style Feature, Tom + Lorenzo

They had me at:

“Nipples are sources of fun and nutrition, not hooks upon which you hang a dress,” a snappy zinger speared at actress Zooey Deschanel posing in a strapless Stella McCartney dress at an LA event in April.

Can you blame me for seeking out the producers of such a splendidly bitchy quip?  Not only did I make contact, but I got to shadow them for a couple of days as they made their frenzied way around New York City “like extremely stylish headless chickens.”

The result is my New York Times Fashion & Style feature on Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez, better known as the fabulous and opinionated pop-culture/fashion bloggers,

As a bonus, I got to interview Marie Claire fashion director and Project Runway judge, Nina Garcia, who had to hush her charming five-year old so we could conduct an adult telephone interview.

Tom, Lorenzo and Nina all provided great insight into the world of celebrity fashion styling, which unfortunately, didn’t make the final cut due to space restrictions at the Times.  Perhaps I should incorporate all of that into another article…?


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